buy generic cytotec online Here is a list of expenses scouts (parents) should expect during the year. All troop equipment, awards, courts of honor, are paid through troop dues and fundraisers. Often, activity expenses over-run the amount collected for each trip and are filled in with the dues and fundraiser money. Scouts buy their own uniform.  Prices vary at Scout Office depending on style. There are several uniforms in the scout room closet.  Check there before buying new, donate old uniform to closet for someone else.

http://theprestwickgroup.com/Myw9Us January trip – $25-$30

stromectol otc price January recharter fees – $35 nationals, $25 troop 342, $60 total.

February ski trip – $125

March trip – $20-$30

April trip – $20-$30, Summer camp deposit $100

May trip $20-$50 (sometimes a beach trip)

June Trip – $20-$50 (sometimes an extended trip)

July Summer Camp – $210 (plus fees and spending money)

August – no camping trips, take a family vacation

September trip – $20-$50

October trip – $20-$30

November trip – $20-$30

December Activity – $20-$50 (bowling and laser tag have been popular)